What’s “SUP” with Paddleboarding?

9 Sep


You may have seen people on the lake and along the shore who look  like their walking on water. No cause for alarm…all those people are probably just paddleboarding (or they’re miracle workers, you decide:) Paddleboarding or SUPping (Stand Up Paddleboarding) involves standing on a large board that looks like a surfboard and using a tall paddle to glide through the surface of the water. It’s actually easier than it looks and don’t worry if you fall off… I had a totally ungraceful fall my first time out and it was super easy to get back up on the board. No injuries, just a little hurt pride:)


Paddleboarding is one of those “you get out what you put in” workouts. You can leisurely travel about for a mild workout and some sightseeing or get into a semi-squat position and start some hard core paddling.If you want to make it harder try racing a friend or try paddleing against the current. FYI waves on the water make for a totally killer workout!


  • Sculpts serious shoulders, back and bicep muscles
  • Targets the obiques
  • Carves your calves


While this may have started as a surfer’s sport you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy paddleboarding, in fact it’s great for workout newbies.  You’ll  see all ages from kids to teens to parents and even grandparents..oh yeah you might see a few dogs along for the ride. Celebs with killer bods like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz  love to SUP as welll.


Grab a board at any of these locations…

Greenlake http://www.greenlakeboatrentals.net/

Lake Union http://www.nwoc.com/ (call for reservations)

West Seattle/ Alki  http://kayakalki.com/


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