WORKOUT REVIEW: Beachbody’s Insanity: The Asylum

15 Sep



So after you go “INSANE” well then you have to go to the “ASYLUM”, right?…Well, that’s exactly where Beachbody’s follow-up to the super popular “Insanity” workout will take you. This new set of DVDs from the makers of P90X takes the hardcore cardio from “Insanity” and adds some strength training moves and pull-ups from P90X for a killer total body workout system.



Insanity: Asylum is SUPER INTENSE and includes 6 DVDs total with 3 cardio workouts, 1 strength workout and 1 stretching/recovery workout. The system comes with an agility ladder ( like the ones used for NFL drills) and a jump rope and you just need to add dumbbells, resistance bands and a pull up bar. ( Don’t worry, there are optional exercises is you don’t have a pull up bar).

The workouts use lots of one-minute long intervals, super intense plyometric drills, jump roping and lots of compound upper and lower body strength moves. Oh yeah, and hardly any recovery. All the DVDs have both cardio and strength elements so you always get a full workout in about 45 minutes.


  • Triceps, shoulders and especially your back… this workout will shred your upper body
  • While there aren’t any isolated abdominal workouts the plyos and sports drills will really work your core and totally tone your abs
  •  The plyos shape and tone your legs and give your booty a nice boost
  • Check out YouTube for Asylum results videos


  • The workouts are short (LOVE THIS) but also super intense so you burn tons of calories in a short amount of time
  • These are some of the most intense at home workouts on DVD
  • The DVD set comes with hybrid calendars if you want to combine Asylum with Insanity or P90X
  • Asylum is really fun, challenging and the exercises are new and different so you never get bored
  • You are bound to lose inches and get totally toned
  • Insanity was heavy cardio and P90X was heavy weights…Asylum is a really nice combo of both cardio and weights
  • I used this workout before my wedding and LOVED my toned arms and smaller waistline!


Asylum is definitely for advanced exercises, no doubt. If you’ve ever turned your nose up at at-home workouts you have to try these DVDs…they will kick your butt! The workout also is perfect to follow-up to P90X or Insanity.  It’s great for anyone short on time, who wants to workout at home and who doesn’t want to  compromise on intensity.


The DVDs set will run you about $120 with shipping about you can get there here….


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