Motivation Monday: Fitspiration!

9 Jan

“If you worked out when you were first thinking about it…you’d be done by now.”

Oh my goodness, I tell myself this… All. The. Time. There are just some days where I will find any reason to delay going to the gym. Then, I’ll look at the clock and think, “Seriously, did I just spend an hour procrastinating? If I would have just gone to the gym when I was first thinking about it I’d be done by now.”

The reality is once I’m at the gym I’m always happy I went and I leave feeling energized and accomplished wondering what I was thinking putting it off.

*Tip: Since I like to workout in the morning, my favorite way to combat that procrastination is to set out my workout clothes the night before. If I know I’ll being hitting the gym in the afternoon I pack a bag the night before and put it by the door. *

So here’s to getting our workout on and endorphins going when we’re first thinking about it!



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