Fit Fab Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

16 Mar
Happy Friday. I’m actually 100% Irish, so I thought in honor of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’d pick three green or Irish themed things to make your St. Patty’s day fit and fab.
  1. Try a Guinness Stout float: I found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and I think it’s a cool play on the traditional root bear float and (bonus!) this version might actually be a healthy choice. According to researchers Guinness might actually  slow down blood clots and help reduce the risk of heart attacks…crazy, right? You can click on the link and read the study if you don’t believe me. So pour a glass, add a scoop or two of slow churned ice ream ( it has fewer calories) and raise your glass to the fact that Guinness is good for you!
  2. Sport mint colored nails: Mint colored hues are huge for spring and if you don’t look that great in green (that’s me… even though I’m Irish, not really my color) make your fingertips festive. I love the Revlon minted polish and FYI, it looks great with a tan come summer time. (other colors Chanel Jade, Essie Mint Candy Apple)
  3. Do the shamrock workout: Okay, this one is kinda cheesy, but you have to admit it’s also a pretty cute idea. I made a new printable workout using letters from the word shamrock and exercises that correspond with those letters. You only need a set dumbbells do to this St. Patty’s themed workout and you can print it here. SHAMROCK WORKOUT

Happy Fit Fab St. Patick’s Day Weekend!



One Response to “Fit Fab Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day Edition”

  1. Lauren March 16, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    Cute ideas!! Never knew that about Guinness… I wonder what it tastes like with ice cream?

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