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3 Things for a Fit Fab Weekend

27 Apr

Photo credit wine bottle is from apartmenttherapy.com

Happy Friday! Here are three things to try that I think will make for a Fit Fab Weekend!

  1. Wine bottles make a perfect water carafe for the table: One of my favorite coffee cafe/ bistros in Seattle serves water in a wine bottle on the table and I love it. Many wine bottle are so pretty and it’s a creative way to set the table as oppose to using a regular water pitcher. You could make your own labels and the wine bottles are easy to store in the fridge so they’re cold for dinner. If you have a screw top wine (like many from Australia) you can keep the bottle in the fridge and reuse it.
  2. Unplug: My husband and I recently took a quick weekend trip to Whistler, Canada after many, many weeks of non stop work. We vowed to turn off our cell phones, and that meant no email, no text messages and no obssesive checking of People.com. ( BTW, I’m the only one who checks People.com, my husband would want me to tell you that:) It was a little uncomfortable at first but one we were past the initial separation anxiety, the self imposed (and roaming charge imposed) tech break was fabulous! We enjoyed each other’s company more, we enjoyed our surroundings more and we finally had the ability to relax. Even if it’s for one hour this weekend try to unplug and live like everyone did, oh, I don’t know, 10 years ago;)
  3. Sport Chambray: I’m completely obsessed with the classic chambray shirt, especially for the weekend. It’s low-key but still super fashionable  and chic (very Gwyneth) and makes for an oh so sophisticated off duty look. Wear it with white jeans and flat sandals or wedges or open over a nautical striped dress with cute flats. I promise you’ll looking for ways to  wear chambray all week long as well:)

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!



3 Things To Have A Fit Fab Weekend

9 Mar
Happy Friday! With how crazy this past week has been, here are three things I’m going to do that I think will make this a Fit Fab Weekend! Hope you enjoy:)

  1. 30 Day Photo Challenge: I’ve lusted after all the fabulous food and fashion photos my favorite bloggers take and thus, I’ve wanted a professional quality camera for months. Well, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I finally got one. I’m super excited and admittedly I have a lot to learn, and I think this photo challenge I found on Pinterest is a great way to get started. ( That along with spending some quality time reading the manual.) Whether you’re handy with a camera phone or you’re a photography pro this challenge will have you shooting everything from shoes to cool patterns to self portraits… it’s a great way to get some cool shots and grow as a photographer. FYI get ready for lots more photos on the blog! Click here for a link to the photo challenge.
  2. Try A Body Scrub: Earlier in the week I visited a great spa for my work as a beauty editor. As I went through the hydrotherapy circuit one of the steps included a body scrub; the wonderful woman from the spa informed me that in China (where she was from) they do body scrubs at least once a month to keep their skin healthy and glowing. I love this idea and it’s such an essential thing to do as the seasons change…but no need to head to the spa as there are tons of great at home options. I love this creme brulee one Laura Mercier because hello…it smells like dessert 🙂 Body scrubs help slough off dead skin revealing smoother skin that absorbs more moisture and looks gorgeous and more radiant…so it’s a total must do. I promise you’ll feel pampered without even leaving your own shower.
  3. Plan Your Workouts for Next Week: This is a major secret to success…whether it’s workouts, career moves or even your outfit, having a plan of action gives you a goal and a roadmap for getting there. I never walk into the gym without my workout written down on a piece of paper…truth be told if it wasn’t written down I’d waste some serious time…”hmm should I do the treadmill or elliptical, maybe I should try some weights, but the whole body or just legs, is today an abs day, ooohhh..I’ll do intervals..no I did intervals yesterday? What?!?! It’s already been 30 mintues”…you get the picture. That’s why I love taking some time on Sunday to write down my workouts for the week. It makes completing them much easier and I know I’m getting a good workout every time I hit the gym. And…if you’re looking for some ideas don’t forget to check out the FitFabCities printable workouts and workout videos.:)
Have a Fit Fab Weekend!

Fudgy, Decadent Chocolate Chip Muffins…Guilt Free!

1 Mar

I talk about my love of chocolate pretty frequently on this blog…in fact, I know it’s been part at least a few of my Fit Fab Weekend posts. It’s delicious, has plenty of health benefits and is a great way to indulge a sweet tooth. This chocolate chip muffin recipe is one of my favorites  since it tastes totally indulgent yet is pretty guilt free!

I found the recipe while perusing Bethenny Frankel‘s website and it’s fabulous. It uses applesauce in place of butter, no eggs and oat flour making this a good choice to those who are sensitive to gluten. However, the important part is…these muffins taste great! My husband asks me to make them all the time and I’m more than happy to oblige since they only take a few minutes to whip up. I made them last Sunday as  a delicious breakfast treat but I also found myself grabbing one as a totally delightful dessert.


3 things for a Fit Fab Weekend…Academy Awards Edition

24 Feb

With the Academy Awards on Sunday I thought I’d offer three things I think will make for a Fit Fab Weekend that are inspired by  some of the nominated films. There are great movies and performances up for awards this year (Melissa McCarthy I’m talking about you…I mean how can you not root for Sookie from Gilmore Girls) Plus I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous dresses from Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain and more. I hope you enjoy and that you have a Fit Fab Weekend!

1. Go Parisian with a Midnight in Paris…breakfast: Okay so maybe you can’t stroll the streets of Paris like Owen Wilson in the movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Parisian experience at home. Don some red lipstick and nautical stripes, pour yourself a great cup of coffee, or cafe au lait to be more authentic, and sit down with some fresh fruit, scrambled or soft boiled eggs and  even a small pastry. Enjoy leisurely leafing through the paper or maybe an InStyle Magazine . Take a stroll through your neighborhood afterward and have an utterly relaxing start to your day. Now if you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris yet plan on watching it that evening for a perfectly Parisian day:) (FYI it’s fabulous and will leave you even more in love with Owen Wilson and totally coveting Rachel McAdams’s wardrobe.)

2. Channel your inner Marilyn with My Week with Marilyn waves: That voice, those eyes, that mystique…Marilyn had it all. I love the soft, sexy, tousled bob Michelle Willaim’s sported in the film and it’s actually a very simple style you can recreate at home. The principle works with many different hair lengths and it’s perfect for the weekend.

  • start with wet hair and spritz volumizer into the roots.
  • blow your hair dry with a round brush
  • curl section with a curling iron ( I like a 1 to 1.5 inch barrel iron because I think soft waves look more modern than pin tight curls)
  • wrap the curl around your finger and pin in to your head to cool.
  • let curls cool completely ( I like to do my makeup during this time) and spritz with light hold hairspray
  • undo pins, let curls fall and shake through with your fingers for soft sexy “Marilyn” worthy hair.

3. Enjoy a little help  from well, The Help: I’ll never forget those words Aibileen Clark said…”You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” I took them to heart and think of them everyday in fact, I keep this on my” Inspiration” Pinterest board.

Wishing you a Fit Fab Weekend! Enjoy the Oscars…I can’t wait to see the dresses:)

3 Things for a Fit Fab Weekend

17 Feb
Here are three things I think will make this a Fit Fab Weekend!
  1. Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment: Since I’ve been coloring my hair for many years I always make sure I deep condition at least once a week. The weekend seems to be the best time to do this since I can more easily find the 20 minutes it takes to let the treatment work. Deep conditioning restores moisture and lustre to your hair making it healthy, soft and super shiny. If you want to splurge I recommend Kerastase Chromo Riche Masque which is amazing! But the Neutrogena Deep Recovery Mask is a great option as well!
  2. Sport a leather jacket: Every woman needs a great leather jacket in her closet. It’s the perfect chic and sexy piece to wear this time of year when the weather is transitioning to spring so it’s too warm for winter coats. This jacket is such a wardrobe staple since you can wear it with everything from a flowy maxi skirt to boyfriend jeans. I love wearing mine over soft dresses for going out or with a chambray shirt for a casual brunch. They’re always great with a gray tee and black or soft gray jeans and chunky jewelry…so cool without even trying:)
  3. Makeover your favorite meal: Oh this is one of my favorites! My husband is crazy for chicken fingers so I found this recipe in Cooking Light and it’s a delicious healthy recipe. A great way to enjoy your favorite food without any of the guilt! I think these make for a fun Sunday dinner with the family.

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!