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Feel Fab Friday: How to style ankle boots this weekend

11 Nov
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Living in the city I can’t always get away with wearing my stiletto heels. I do lots of walking around which means navigating hills,  cobblestones, uneven sidewalks and (because I live in Seattle) plenty of rain-soaked roadways and puddles. While I would love to effortlessly breeze down the sidewalks like Carrie Bradshaw in her six in Manolo’s, sometimes it’s just not in the cards for me.
That’s why I love wedges…I get the same great leg lengthening look as heels but without having to worry about breaking an ankle on a Starbucks run. I was so excited this week when these J Crew Greer Ankle Boots finally showed up at my door. The are so on trend for fall, super stylish, versatile and allow me to actually be a little function while remaining fashionable. Seeing how perfectly they complimented everything from cropped trousers to maxi dresses totally made stalking the UPS guy worth it.
Two of my favorite ways to wear these boots are with skinny jeans (cigarette length or just cuff them to show the boots) and a cozy belted cardi-coat or paired with a relaxed and flirty leather skirt. I love an oversized cashmere cardigan and clutch for a more casual look or a silk blouse and piles of my favorite J Crew bracelets for something more sophisticated!
These collages were made in Polyvore so click on them to get info on the clothes!

Feel Fab Fridays: My new favorite nail polish

30 Sep

One of my favorite Saturday morning traditions is painting my nails. I think it’s one of the best ways to feel pretty with spending a lot of money, plus experimenting with nail polish is perfect for  tiptoeing (pun intended) into more daring fashion trends.

In Seattle we are super lucky to have Julep Nail Parlor at our finger tips (totally promise this is the last pun) their polishes are all- natural so there’s no chemical smell and they name their bounty of fabulous colors for colors’ celeb inspiration! Blake is a sunny yellow, January is that perfect Betty Draper red and Gwyneth is a classic pink. Oh, you can also change your shade based on whether you’re feeling more like a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte.

If you live in Seattle then  grab your girlfriends and visit the salon for the Julep Manicure and Pedicure…fabulous masssage, exfoliation, paraffin treatment..it’s the best. I’m obsessed with how creamy, rich and shiny the nail enamels are plus my pedicure lasted over a month. This nail polish makes you look and feel expensive and guarantees to get you noticed!  If you can’t make it into one of the salons no worries, Julep sells all their nail polishes online. Given that were are headed into fall I’m loving the Catherine (as in Duchess), Pippa (as in Catherine’s sister with the now famous booty), Vera and Amanda.

Julep Nail Parlor www.julep.com