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3 Things for a Fit Fab Weekend

27 Apr

Photo credit wine bottle is from apartmenttherapy.com

Happy Friday! Here are three things to try that I think will make for a Fit Fab Weekend!

  1. Wine bottles make a perfect water carafe for the table: One of my favorite coffee cafe/ bistros in Seattle serves water in a wine bottle on the table and I love it. Many wine bottle are so pretty and it’s a creative way to set the table as oppose to using a regular water pitcher. You could make your own labels and the wine bottles are easy to store in the fridge so they’re cold for dinner. If you have a screw top wine (like many from Australia) you can keep the bottle in the fridge and reuse it.
  2. Unplug: My husband and I recently took a quick weekend trip to Whistler, Canada after many, many weeks of non stop work. We vowed to turn off our cell phones, and that meant no email, no text messages and no obssesive checking of People.com. ( BTW, I’m the only one who checks People.com, my husband would want me to tell you that:) It was a little uncomfortable at first but one we were past the initial separation anxiety, the self imposed (and roaming charge imposed) tech break was fabulous! We enjoyed each other’s company more, we enjoyed our surroundings more and we finally had the ability to relax. Even if it’s for one hour this weekend try to unplug and live like everyone did, oh, I don’t know, 10 years ago;)
  3. Sport Chambray: I’m completely obsessed with the classic chambray shirt, especially for the weekend. It’s low-key but still super fashionable  and chic (very Gwyneth) and makes for an oh so sophisticated off duty look. Wear it with white jeans and flat sandals or wedges or open over a nautical striped dress with cute flats. I promise you’ll looking for ways to  wear chambray all week long as well:)

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!


3 Things: Fit Fab Weekend

23 Mar

Happy Friday! I’m excited that the weekend is almost here so I’ve put together three things I think will make this weekend fit and fab. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Stripes and leather: I write about my love of stripes pretty frequently on this blog, and thus I’m very excited they’re big again for spring. Now, I realize much of the United States has been enjoying warmer than usual weather but here in Seattle winter just doesn’t want to let go. So, for the weekend I’m into pairing my spring stripes with a leather jacket, dark skinny jeans, infinity scarf and pointy toe flats to create a style that’s great for transitioning between the seasons.  It’s a little edgy but still has an effortless and classic vibe perfect for running errands or doing some shopping around the city.
  2. Peach Bellinis: How fabulous is brunch? I love it! Sweet and savory combinations, breakfast pastries, great conversation and of course,bellinis. (Or mimosas…it’s up to you). I love the color of bellinis so much in fact, the peach and golden champagne colors actually inspired my wedding. You can make your brunch this weekend extra special with some simple prosecco (less expensive than champagne) and a splash of peach nectar or some pureed frozen peaches. Or you can do orange juice instead if you’d prefer a mimosa.
  3. Get some “you” time: We can all get super busy.  There’s constant information always coming at us from smart phones, television and the internet 😉 …and while work projects, home commitments and family are wonderful and incredibly important, it’s also important to get some you time. Even just a few minutes of silence and relaxation have been shown to reduce stress levels, making you healthier and happier. A beach like the one in the picture is my idea of paradise but unfortunately making it to one is not the most practical choice, so instead I try and find at least 5 minutes everyday to enjoy flipping through an InStyle or just listening to some relaxing music. Try to find  just a little bit of “you” time this weekend and you’ll start the week feeling more relaxed:)

Happy Weekend!

Fit Fab Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

16 Mar
Happy Friday. I’m actually 100% Irish, so I thought in honor of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’d pick three green or Irish themed things to make your St. Patty’s day fit and fab.
  1. Try a Guinness Stout float: I found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and I think it’s a cool play on the traditional root bear float and (bonus!) this version might actually be a healthy choice. According to researchers Guinness might actually  slow down blood clots and help reduce the risk of heart attacks…crazy, right? You can click on the link and read the study if you don’t believe me. So pour a glass, add a scoop or two of slow churned ice ream ( it has fewer calories) and raise your glass to the fact that Guinness is good for you!
  2. Sport mint colored nails: Mint colored hues are huge for spring and if you don’t look that great in green (that’s me… even though I’m Irish, not really my color) make your fingertips festive. I love the Revlon minted polish and FYI, it looks great with a tan come summer time. (other colors Chanel Jade, Essie Mint Candy Apple)
  3. Do the shamrock workout: Okay, this one is kinda cheesy, but you have to admit it’s also a pretty cute idea. I made a new printable workout using letters from the word shamrock and exercises that correspond with those letters. You only need a set dumbbells do to this St. Patty’s themed workout and you can print it here. SHAMROCK WORKOUT

Happy Fit Fab St. Patick’s Day Weekend!


3 Things To Have A Fit Fab Weekend

9 Mar
Happy Friday! With how crazy this past week has been, here are three things I’m going to do that I think will make this a Fit Fab Weekend! Hope you enjoy:)

  1. 30 Day Photo Challenge: I’ve lusted after all the fabulous food and fashion photos my favorite bloggers take and thus, I’ve wanted a professional quality camera for months. Well, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and I finally got one. I’m super excited and admittedly I have a lot to learn, and I think this photo challenge I found on Pinterest is a great way to get started. ( That along with spending some quality time reading the manual.) Whether you’re handy with a camera phone or you’re a photography pro this challenge will have you shooting everything from shoes to cool patterns to self portraits… it’s a great way to get some cool shots and grow as a photographer. FYI get ready for lots more photos on the blog! Click here for a link to the photo challenge.
  2. Try A Body Scrub: Earlier in the week I visited a great spa for my work as a beauty editor. As I went through the hydrotherapy circuit one of the steps included a body scrub; the wonderful woman from the spa informed me that in China (where she was from) they do body scrubs at least once a month to keep their skin healthy and glowing. I love this idea and it’s such an essential thing to do as the seasons change…but no need to head to the spa as there are tons of great at home options. I love this creme brulee one Laura Mercier because hello…it smells like dessert 🙂 Body scrubs help slough off dead skin revealing smoother skin that absorbs more moisture and looks gorgeous and more radiant…so it’s a total must do. I promise you’ll feel pampered without even leaving your own shower.
  3. Plan Your Workouts for Next Week: This is a major secret to success…whether it’s workouts, career moves or even your outfit, having a plan of action gives you a goal and a roadmap for getting there. I never walk into the gym without my workout written down on a piece of paper…truth be told if it wasn’t written down I’d waste some serious time…”hmm should I do the treadmill or elliptical, maybe I should try some weights, but the whole body or just legs, is today an abs day, ooohhh..I’ll do intervals..no I did intervals yesterday? What?!?! It’s already been 30 mintues”…you get the picture. That’s why I love taking some time on Sunday to write down my workouts for the week. It makes completing them much easier and I know I’m getting a good workout every time I hit the gym. And…if you’re looking for some ideas don’t forget to check out the FitFabCities printable workouts and workout videos.:)
Have a Fit Fab Weekend!

3 things for a Fit Fab Weekend

2 Mar

Happy Friday! Here are three things I’m loving right now and I think they would be great to try this weekend.

  1. Get your 10,000 steps: In order to maintain your weight and especially to lose weight and l ensure you’re active and healthy it’s recommended you get at least 10,000 steps per day. I know that seems like a lot but you’d be surprised how many steps you can take running errands, cooking even making the bed! They all add up. However, when I started keeping track of my steps and I realized just how sedentary I actually was even though I workout frequently. I attribute it to the fact I spend so much time working in front of the the computer. I started tracking my steps with a fitbit pedometer and I can’t believe how much more active I am. So try a pedometer or even a free app like this one… get your 10,000 steps per day and you’ll enjoy a very fit weekend!
  2. Try winged eyeliner: Lauren Conrad does this look really well. It’s not a full dramatic cat eye but instead a slight flick and turn upwards at the end of your eyeliner. This look is sexy and perfect for a date night when paired with a shimmery shadow… but keep it modern with creamy pink or nude gloss instead of red lipstick.
  3. Swap basic jeans for bold bright denim: Super-saturated and bold colored denim is very on trend for spring. Celebs like Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung and many more can’t get enough of it since It’s a fun way to switch up the basic jeans and tee. Pair bold colored jeans with a leather jacket for an edgy look or top with a chambray shirt for a chic, low key brunch outfit.

Wishing you a Fit Fab Weekend!