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3 Ways to have a Fit Fab Weekend

3 Feb

Happy Friday! Here are three things I think will make this a Fit Fab Weekend!

  1. Try cuffing your jeans: Now that it’s getting just a little warmer here I’m kind of obsessed with this look. Celebs like Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Rosie Huntington Whiteley rock their cuffed jeans on the weekend and I think it’s a great way to show off your favorite flats during the day and heels at night. Pair cuffed jeans with a menwear’s white button down and patent flats like the look on the left or with a blazer like the outfit  on the right (it’s from last month’s InStyle Magazine). Cuff boyfriend jeans for a more casual look or  try cuffing your skinnies for a night out.
  2.  Make a healthy Super Bowl snack: SuperBowl Sunday is here this weekend which means a Boston-New York showdown, awesome commercials and nachos, wings, beer and lots of other football friendly snacks! However, if you want to lighten things up a bit try adding hummus and some veggies to your SuperBowl spread. Just mix in some carrot stick and this healthy “dip” to avoid overindulging on the other stuff;)
  3. Add some plyometrics to your regular workout: Whether you’re running, sweating away on the elliptical or strength training try adding 3 sets of 10-15  jump squats and 3 sets of 15 flying lunges this weekend. Plyos add a fat burning bonus to any workout since they seriously raise your heart rate. Plus they’re great for toning your legs and (bonus!) your abs.
Happy Fit Fab Weekend!


Printable 45 Minute 500+ Calorie Burning Spin Bike Workout

29 Nov

All right everyone, Thanksgiving is over and if you’re anything like me you’re probably still eating pie for breakfast. (I mean it has apples:) No worries, I’ve put together one of my new favorite spinning workouts that burns over 500 calories in only 45 mintues to help get you through all the holiday cookies, pies, festive drinks, chocolate….you get my point 🙂

Celebs like Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes and Julia Roberts swear by spinning so it must be good!

You’ll tone up, burns tons of calories and relieve some much needed stress!

Check out the workout and songs below or get the printable version here.   printable 500-calorie-spin-workout-1

45 Minute 500+ Calorie Spin Workout

1.   Warmup: (4 mins)  3 Sugar Feelings (Britney Spears vs Black Eyed Peas vsFloRida)

2.   Add resistance and stand. Lean forward for 20 seconds and lean back fro 20 seconds (5:40 minutes) Calvin Harris Ft Rhianna – We Found Love (Tom CaffreyExtention Mix)

3.   Add resistance and pick up speed. Break each minute up, go faster at each 0 second, 15 second, 30 second marks then recover at 45 second mark and repeat for entire song. (4 mins)    Viva La Vida, Coldplay

4.   Speed Intervals 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. (5 minutes) Mr. Vain (Club Mix) DJ Maurice

5.   Seated Hill Climb. (3:30 mins)  Shimmer (Fuel)

6.   Add resistance, Standing sprints 15 seconds up, 15 seconds seated. (4:20 mins)Party Rock Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock

7.   Moderate resistance, seated fast speed tempo ride. (4 mins) Good Feeling (Flo Rida) 

8.   Add resistance, stand for hill, moderately fast tempo. (3 mins)Mr. Saxobeat (Alexandra Stan)

9.   Add more resistance stay standing steep slow hill, heavy resistance. (4:20 mins)  Wonderwall (Oasis)

 10.   Lower your resistance and sprint to the end. (2 mins)   Halo/Walking on Sunshine (Glee cast version)

 11.    Cool-down