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Printable 45 Minute 500+ Calorie Burning Spin Bike Workout

29 Nov

All right everyone, Thanksgiving is over and if you’re anything like me you’re probably still eating pie for breakfast. (I mean it has apples:) No worries, I’ve put together one of my new favorite spinning workouts that burns over 500 calories in only 45 mintues to help get you through all the holiday cookies, pies, festive drinks, chocolate….you get my point 🙂

Celebs like Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes and Julia Roberts swear by spinning so it must be good!

You’ll tone up, burns tons of calories and relieve some much needed stress!

Check out the workout and songs below or get the printable version here.   printable 500-calorie-spin-workout-1

45 Minute 500+ Calorie Spin Workout

1.   Warmup: (4 mins)  3 Sugar Feelings (Britney Spears vs Black Eyed Peas vsFloRida)

2.   Add resistance and stand. Lean forward for 20 seconds and lean back fro 20 seconds (5:40 minutes) Calvin Harris Ft Rhianna – We Found Love (Tom CaffreyExtention Mix)

3.   Add resistance and pick up speed. Break each minute up, go faster at each 0 second, 15 second, 30 second marks then recover at 45 second mark and repeat for entire song. (4 mins)    Viva La Vida, Coldplay

4.   Speed Intervals 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. (5 minutes) Mr. Vain (Club Mix) DJ Maurice

5.   Seated Hill Climb. (3:30 mins)  Shimmer (Fuel)

6.   Add resistance, Standing sprints 15 seconds up, 15 seconds seated. (4:20 mins)Party Rock Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock

7.   Moderate resistance, seated fast speed tempo ride. (4 mins) Good Feeling (Flo Rida) 

8.   Add resistance, stand for hill, moderately fast tempo. (3 mins)Mr. Saxobeat (Alexandra Stan)

9.   Add more resistance stay standing steep slow hill, heavy resistance. (4:20 mins)  Wonderwall (Oasis)

 10.   Lower your resistance and sprint to the end. (2 mins)   Halo/Walking on Sunshine (Glee cast version)

 11.    Cool-down

Class Review: The Bar Method

28 Sep


I absolutely love the Physique 57 DVD’s so I was super excited to try the new Bar Method class, after all who wouldn’t want to have the long lean body of a dancer? Both Bar Method and Physique 57 are ballet based workouts that use light weights and dance inspired movements to sculpt long lean muscles while increasing flexibility. Plus the new studio in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle is gorgeous! Lots of turquoise and white, locker room with showers and I loved this…hair ties in case you forget yours!


We started with arm work including pushups, bicep curls and tricep extensions using light weights. This is a pretty big change for me since I usually lift pretty heavy so two to three pound dumbells seemed, well unintimidating. I was wrong! The teeny tiny one inch movements were killer and I was oh so happy to only be lifting something comparable in weight to an iPad. We them moved onto super small range of motion plies and squats and followed with left lifts lifting up and down only an inch. Oh my goodness where my muscles shaking uncontrollably! I was sweating bullets and I am not ashamed to say I had to stop and rest a few times. We concluded the class with more pushups, killer core work and some great stretches. Even days later I can still feel my biceps and triceps and yes, I wince just a little when I walk by a two pound dumbbell.


  • Tight lean biceps and triceps
  • Sculpted shoulders
  • Super flat tight abs (seriously just looking at some of the instructors is inspiration enough)
  • Long, lean thighs and high tight bootys


I adore doing something different and something that challenges me. I was not good at this class, like at all. Everyone else kicked my butt and I kinda love that. It means I really need to work on this kind of core strength and flexibility. The teachers were fantastic and even though it was my first time they knew my name and were very supportive and gentle in their corrections as they walked around the room. The music was good (pop, my fave) and the class seemed to fly by even during the crazy core work we did neat the end. Plus I’m a sucker for any workout that I can feel days later.


  • FYI dress to impress at these classes…the girls turn it out! The class was filled with Lululemon‘s fall collection and most girls were in their late 20s to 30s. That might just be this location because I have seen men and women in their 40s and 50s at bar classes.
  • This is a great workout for anyone starting out or looking to do something lower impact and lower intensity. (It’s not going to be high intensity like say, a cardio bootcamp) You can make it your own and  I didn’t really feel like I had to keep up with anyone…a very pleasant surprise.
  • Bar classes are sooo hot with celebs right now. Kelly Ripa, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Lisa Rinna, Anna Paquin, Denise Richards and Jacqueline Laurita to name a few



REDMOND: The Bar Method Eastside Redmond Town Center 7551 166th Avenue NE, #D240 Redmond, WA 98052 425.556.5163 seattle-eastside@barmethod.com

SEATTLE: The Bar Method Seattle South Lake Union 124 Westlake Ave North Seattle, WA 98109 206.467.5249 seattle-eastside@barmethod.com.

Go online to reserve your spot now!

Power Playlist: my own Soul Cycle class

9 Sep

I wish Soul Cycle would come to Seattle! Since they are yet to make their way to the left coast I just had to come up with my own class..here it is!

FYI: Soul cycle is an amazing indoor cycling class is NYC and is a favorite of Kelly Ripa!

  1. WARM UP: Sweet Home Alabama/ Country Grammer Mashup
  2. SEATED/ MEDIUM SPEED: Last Friday Night/ Katy Perry
  3. SEATED/ SPRINT ON CHORUS: Take Over Control/ AfroJack
  4. SEATED & CLIMB COMBO: Dog Days are Over/ Florence and the Machine
  5. CLIMB/ STANDING RUN ON CHORUS: Till the World Ends: Britney Spears
  6. SLOW HEAVY CLIMB: Best Thing I Never Had: Beyonce
  7. SEATED W/ LIGHT WEIGHTED ARM WORK: Tonight/Tonight: Smashing Pumpkins
  8. SEATED SPRINT: Where Them Girls At: David Guetta, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj
  9. HEAVY SEATED CLIMB: Hanging by  a Moment: LifeHouse
  10. FINAL SPRINT: Don’t Stop Believin’ : Glee Cast