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Printable Workout: Pyramid Bootcamp Workout

5 Jan

I love pyramid workouts and if you ever ran track in high school you might remember them (fondly or maybe not so fondly) as ladders. The principle is that you start with a short interval (in this case 20 seconds), climb up the pyramid to the longest interval (50 seconds) and then work your way back down to a short interval again (20 seconds). Take note that all the intervals here are less than a minute:)  Not only does this format make the time fly, but it’s also totally motivating to see the intervals get shorter as the end of the workout gets closer!

You don’t need any equipment so just clear some room in your living room, turn on some good music (you can check out a playlist I’m loving here) and you’ll get a full body cardio/toning interval workout!

Plus, you can get your printable version of the workout here. Printable Pyramid Bootcamp Workout

Happy Bootcamping!!!

Power Playlist: A Pop Music Playlist Perfect For Toning or Running

12 Oct
Yesterday’s total toning class was my first one back after a long summer off.  I think music is one of the most important ingredients to a great class so I wanted to make sure my playlist was filled with some hits from over the summer along with pop favorites. Hope you enjoy!
  1. Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) Mike Posner
  2. Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) Pitbull featuring T-Pain
  3. I Wanna Go, Britney Spears
  4. Cupid Shuffle, Cupid
  5. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks remix)
  6. Where Them Girls At (Featuring Nicki Minaj), David Guetta, Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj
  7. Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix), Lady GaGa
  8. In My Head (Robots with Rayguns Remix), Jason Derulo

Power Playlist: Kick Butt Cardio, 45 minutes

29 Sep

I can’t wait to teach my High Intensity Training class when I have this playlist on my iPod. You have to try it and I promise it will keep you motivated to power through any cardio workout!

  1. Against The Floor (Robin Skouteris Mix)     JLo Vs Britney Vs Rihanna            Vs5
  2. Take Over Control (Extended) [feat. Eva Simons]               Afrojack
  3. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (HyperCrush Remix) [feat. Pitbull & HyperCrush]
  4. Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain]
  5. All ‘Bout the Money (Pierre J’s Extended Version)       Meja
  6. Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)
  7. Till the World Ends            Britney Spears
  8. The Time (Dirty Bit)          The Black Eyed Peas
  9. Hold It Against Me           Britney Spears
  10. Adele VS Robin S – Show ME Love Vs Rolling In The Deep (DJs From Mars Bootleg Club Remix)

Power Playlist: my own Soul Cycle class

9 Sep

I wish Soul Cycle would come to Seattle! Since they are yet to make their way to the left coast I just had to come up with my own class..here it is!

FYI: Soul cycle is an amazing indoor cycling class is NYC and is a favorite of Kelly Ripa!

  1. WARM UP: Sweet Home Alabama/ Country Grammer Mashup
  2. SEATED/ MEDIUM SPEED: Last Friday Night/ Katy Perry
  3. SEATED/ SPRINT ON CHORUS: Take Over Control/ AfroJack
  4. SEATED & CLIMB COMBO: Dog Days are Over/ Florence and the Machine
  5. CLIMB/ STANDING RUN ON CHORUS: Till the World Ends: Britney Spears
  6. SLOW HEAVY CLIMB: Best Thing I Never Had: Beyonce
  7. SEATED W/ LIGHT WEIGHTED ARM WORK: Tonight/Tonight: Smashing Pumpkins
  8. SEATED SPRINT: Where Them Girls At: David Guetta, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj
  9. HEAVY SEATED CLIMB: Hanging by  a Moment: LifeHouse
  10. FINAL SPRINT: Don’t Stop Believin’ : Glee Cast