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Fit Fab Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

16 Mar
Happy Friday. I’m actually 100% Irish, so I thought in honor of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’d pick three green or Irish themed things to make your St. Patty’s day fit and fab.
  1. Try a Guinness Stout float: I found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and I think it’s a cool play on the traditional root bear float and (bonus!) this version might actually be a healthy choice. According to researchers Guinness might actually  slow down blood clots and help reduce the risk of heart attacks…crazy, right? You can click on the link and read the study if you don’t believe me. So pour a glass, add a scoop or two of slow churned ice ream ( it has fewer calories) and raise your glass to the fact that Guinness is good for you!
  2. Sport mint colored nails: Mint colored hues are huge for spring and if you don’t look that great in green (that’s me… even though I’m Irish, not really my color) make your fingertips festive. I love the Revlon minted polish and FYI, it looks great with a tan come summer time. (other colors Chanel Jade, Essie Mint Candy Apple)
  3. Do the shamrock workout: Okay, this one is kinda cheesy, but you have to admit it’s also a pretty cute idea. I made a new printable workout using letters from the word shamrock and exercises that correspond with those letters. You only need a set dumbbells do to this St. Patty’s themed workout and you can print it here. SHAMROCK WORKOUT

Happy Fit Fab St. Patick’s Day Weekend!


Printable Workout: ABC’s of Supersets-The Workout

13 Mar

Supersets are one of my favorite workouts…in fact this toning workout is the exact one I’ve been doing for a few weeks! A superset is two or more exercises performed  back to back and they’re a great way to get your workout done in a hurry. Your heart rate will be up and you’ll be sweating buckets especially since we’re alternating upper and lower body exercises here.

You only need a set of dumbbells, enough room to do walking lunges and a chair or bench for step ups and dips. This is a great workout to do two or even three times a week, it should take under 30 minutes and (wooo hooo!) you can do it from the comfort  of your living room.

Print the workout and instructions here. ABCs of Supersets

Happy Workout!

Printable Workout: The Perfect 10 Workout

7 Mar


This workout contains 10 of my favorite exercises. Now, when I say favorite I mean the ones that I think give me the most bang for my buck so chances are…they’re going to be tough! But I figure if you’re going to take the time to workout you might as well get the most calorie burn and toning possible, right:)

You’ll get a combination of cardio and toning exercises and you can print the workout along with descriptions and modifications here…Printable Perfect 10 Workout.

Happy Workout!

Printable Workout: The Pinterest Workout

28 Feb

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the newest internet obsession “Pinterest” yet, you absolutely must give it a try! I love perusing the web and finding great outfits, cool home ideas and recipes and with Pinterest I can create virtual inspiration/ interest pinboards and keep all those finds in one place. It’s also a great way to find inspiration for your wedding, home design and of course…workouts!

Due to my Pinterest devotion, I though I’d make this week’s printable workout “The Pinterest Workout” and here is how it works.Since the workout is based on what’s one the Pinterest homepage it will be different each time you do it.

  1. Go to the Pinterst hompage and look at the first 10 pins.
  2. Complete the exercise that corresponds with the category of the first 10 pins. Depending on how hard you want the workout to be you can do 15 or even 20 pins.
  3. Click here pinterest-workout to get the workout’s printable instructions and exercises.
  4. Always drink plenty of water and enjoy!

Printable Workout: The 4×4 Workout for Cardio, Strength and Abs

21 Feb


Some say the best things comes in threes…well in today’s printable workout I say the best things come in fours! This workout is broken into four simple sections with four exercise in each section so naturally, I’m calling it the 4×4 workout. You only need a pair of dumbbells making this a great at home workout and (bonus) it can be done in under 20 minutes. You’ll work cardio, then strength,  another cardio section and finally abs for a total body, heartpounding, muscle toning workout. In less time than it takes you to watch an episode of Modern Family, you’ll do something great for you, your mind and your body:)

Happy Workout!

You can print the workout with descriptions plus beginner and advanced modifications here 4×4 workout.


  • Beginner: 30 seconds per move, go through once, take as many breaks as you need
  • Intermediate: 45 seconds per move, go through 2x, take shorter breaks between exercises and longer breaks between sections
  • Advanced: 60 seconds per move, go through 3x, take breaks only b/w the sections
  • Crazy Animal Exerciser:) : 60 seconds per move, go through 4x, take breaks only b/w the sections
  • Drink lots of water and have fun!