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Printable “Shredmill” – Treadmill Workout

21 Mar

If you’re a fan of some of my previous printable workouts, you know I love combining cardio and toning into one calorie burning, muscle sculpting workout. It’s the perfect way to make a workout fly by and since the cardio and toning section are relatively short, you end up working just that little bit harder, which translates into extra calories burned.

This “shredmill” treadmill workout is aptly named since it incorporates high intensity intervals and strength exercises which are both proven to give you the most bang for your gym buck. It also has some nice customizations build into it since you can do just the “A” sections, just the “B” sections, just the “C” sections or the entire workout if you like. I do this exact workout about once or twice a weeks and love it since it’s faster and more fun than doing my cardio and strenght training separately. Plus, it’s the perfect thing if you’re looking to get in shape for swimsuit season:)

Let me know how you like it!

Happy Workout!

You can print the workout with instruction here. shredmill treadmill workout

p.s.: please feel free to use the speed numbers I have as a guide…you can jog or walk this workout by using the RPE on the far right. RPE, or rate of perceived exertion, means how hard are you working on a scale of 1-10… 1 being  lounging on the couch and 10 being and all out sprint.

Printable Workout: 35 minute booty toning treadmill sweat session

14 Feb

No need to worry about being bored on the treadmill if you bring this workout with you! There are intervals, sprints and lots of hills making this workout ideal for torching calories and totally toning your legs and glutes. So when it comes time for those incline sprints don’t think of them as intense work intervals think of them as instant butt lifters;)

After a warmup the workout is broken up into three sections: the first section is a powerwalk up a steep hill, the second section is entirely on an incline and alternates jogging  and running, the third section alternates sprinting up a hill with walking or jogging. Feel free to do on or two of the sections and if you’re looking for an advanced workout you can try all three. You cal also try adding just one section into your regular jog for a bit of variety.

Print the workout here.35 min treadmill workout


  • To modify try walking the workout instead of running or jogging. The changing incline will give you a great workout without needing to up your speed.
  • The speeds and inclines I’ve used are just a guide…feel free to modify up or down if you need to. This is especially true on sections B and C which are pretty intense.
  • This workout is intense with sprints and hills so take as many breaks as you need to and drink plenty of water!

Happy Workout!

Printable Indoor Cardio Workout…perfect for treadmill, elliptical or bike

10 Jan

It’s January and in Seattle it’s (shock of shocks) raining! Since it’s been winter weather for a while you might be getting a little bored with your usual indoor cardio workout. Well, here’s a new printable workout that you can do on any cardio machine and it’s sure to beat your boredom. It combines hill work, sprint intervals and longer intervals so find an elliptical trainer, treadmill or bike and you’re good to go!


  • The workout broken into three parts and if you’re new to working out you can do one or two sections or if you’re looking for more of a challenge you can do all three.
  • The workout totals about 43 minutes of cardio.
  • Part A is about climbing a big gradual hill
  • Part B consists of  30 seconds sprints
  • Part C is longer intervals of 2, 3 and 4 minutes. One has a hill.
  • If you’re using a treadmill feel free to walk the whole workout and use the speed guide to help complete the intervals

You can print the workout here….indoor cardio wkout

My Workout “Stick-With-It” Secret …

14 Dec

My husband is quite adept with technology and I’m pretty happy some of it has rubbed off on me because all that nerdy goodness has not only improved my running but is also totally my secret to workout success.

I’ll be honest, sometimes instead of working out I would much rather just sit down on the couch and watch TV. So, here is where being a bit of tech nerd has totally changed my life. (I’m not overstating…I really love this thing that much!) Now instead of having to choose between 5 miles on the treadmill and the latest episode of Revenge I get to do BOTH!

There is a downloadable software called Roxio Toast Titanium (for both Mac and PCs) and it allows you to copy your DVDs  (ones you already own, of course:) into digital files onto your computer so you can watch your movies and TV shows on your iPad, iPod or iPhone. This is great… but my favorite thing about Toast is that if you have a Tivo you can transfer any Tivo’ed show from your Tivo onto your computer and then Toast converts them to digital files meaning you can load your favorite Tivo’ed shows right onto your  iPad, iPod or iPhone. (This may sound a little complicated but truth be told it is so simple and easy to do.) Think about it… you can watch everything on your Tivo playlist and burn off last night’s dessert.

I love this…not only do I get to catch up on the Teresa/Melissa drama on Real Housewives of New Jersey but I also really look forward to my runs! The best part is I can knock out long treadmill milage or extra time on the elliptical without even a hint of boredom creeping in since I’m glued to Project Runway for over a hour!

If you like to do your cardio indoors and you need just a little extra motivation to get you to or through your workouts I totally recommed downloading Toast and you can do that here. And if you already have a Tivo..it’s pretty much a must:)

Roxio Toast Titanium download link. 

Printable 40-Minute Interval Treadmill Workout…Never be bored on the treadmill again!

8 Dec

I’m not afraid to say it… I love the treadmill. I know, I know, my fellow runners out there probably gasp in horror at the thought of spending even 30 minutes “running but going no where” but I love it. I love staying dry, I love watching TV and I really love being warm.

That said, I am willing to admit it can get a wee bit  boring if every time you hop on the old treadmill you hit your regular 3-5 miles. Well that’s why I love this workout…you’ll be changing speeds, inclines even directions every minute so there is no chance you’ll get bored. After all,  keeping your mind and body guessing is the best way to keep seeing results!

Print the workout here 40 minute treadmill workout

Here is how it works…

  • You’ll warm up and alternate fast and medium running speed every minute while increasing your incline Great treadmill bonus…you can add hills whenever you like:)
  • Then you’ll recover and move onto a section where you jog backwards and shuffle sideways on the treadmill. Tip: Make sure you hold onto the arm rails until you get the hang of this exercise. (I love since it’s great for toning the back of the legs and outer thighs)
  • Rest and catch your breath then it’s onto alternating sprints and recovery jogs.

The 40 minutes will fly by and if you’re not already a treadmill convert hopefully this workout will help you on your way! Happy Running!

*** If you are an exercise newbie Katie from K.E.P.T. You Fit has a great modification of this workout. You can check it out here.***